• Check out Danneel's style in 2015!
  • Find out how Danneel & Khloe share the same style!
  • Check out that stunning dress!
  • What brand did Danneel rock at the 2014 event?
  • Find out more about designer, Lorena Sarbu.
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Fashion At A Glance: 2015 1 Comment
Dec 31st:
Although we weren’t treated to any red carpet events this year, disregarding that dress from The Thinkery Imaginarium, we did get to see a range of Danneel’s awesome candid style, […]

Danneel inspired by Khloe? 0 Comments
Nov 26th:
This is probably, almost certain, coincidence but while browsing various fashion posts for articles I noticed a trend. It seems that Danneel and Khloe Kardashian are actually quite inspired by […]

She Wore It Too? 0 Comments
Nov 26th:
Of course even though Danneel has such an inspired style that regularly changes, many other celebrities have rocked the same looks as her. Just check out some of these below! […]

Repeat Offenders 0 Comments
Nov 20th:
Danneel has a slight tendency to wear a pair of shoes, clothing or accessories more than once, showing she is just like the rest of us. Below are just a […]

Event Style 2015 – 2012 0 Comments
Nov 16th:
How much has Danneel’s style evolved?! Her most recent outfit is just spectacular!    

Event Style 2011 – 2008 0 Comments
Nov 16th:
Check out Danneel’s style from 2008 to 2011. We had many iconic moments, especially in 2010 and 2011 as it was a massive promotion journey for her TV show, Friends […]

Event Style 2007 – 2003 0 Comments
Nov 16th:
You can definitely tell we are beginning with the early 2000’s, going by Danneel’s appropriate outfits at that time! But she looks so cute too!

Herve Leger Queen 0 Comments
Nov 10th:
During her 10+ years in the spotlight, Danneel has sported many different brands, some of which she has repeatedly worn. One of those is Herve Leger, in fact in total […]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! 0 Comments
Nov 9th:
Danneel is an absolute chameleon when it comes to hairstyles, whether it be the cut or colour! Below are pictures of her various hairstyles chronologically through the years, including special […]

Accessorize To The Max 0 Comments
Nov 6th:
Braceletes/Rings: Danneel doesn’t play it safe when it comes to her wrist and finger wear. For a full on look, she loves to mix and match textures and materials, piling […]